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This section details the implementation design for the IBMS Network. It lists the various components that constitute the solution and discusses the purpose of each such component. Finally, it describes how the requirements of high availability and performance of the IT Infrastructure will be satisfied.



The infrastructure mapped out in the Integrated Border Management System includes networking of 18 access sites. This section covers the network infrastructure development for the Integrated Border Management System project which is being envisaged as a sole project of FIA.
The goal of this project is to provide an architecture strategy that will enable the IBMS system to have an open interoperable network. The architecture will provide a guideline that will allow for reusability of technologies, economies of scale and support efficiencies. Security is the main aspect which has to be considered at all times during the design phase, along with protection of data and continued system integrity in the event of system failure.


The proposed system IBMS is aimed at documenting the entire process of foreigners visiting Pakistan. This includes visa issuance, entry issuance in to Pakistan, movement within Pakistan and finally leaving Pakistan. Doubtful illegal suspects overstaying in Pakistan would be declared illegal for further necessary action by the law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The system IBMS would cover the entire traffic coming from defined channels; and also through checking of doubtful foreigners at different locations, event the travellers entering Pakistan from undefined channels would be identified.


The network design given in this document is premised on the following set of base assumptions:
.The central sever would be hosed in FIA HQ.
.Main database server of Directorate General Immigration and Passport will be directly connected to central server of FIA HQ.
.MIS will be the main part of IBMS data center for decision support and reporting.
.All access sites will be physically connected to the FIA HQ.
.All passport verifications and data transfer will be web based from the passport central server.
.Links sizes for different sites are calculated on the basis of the application and model of data transfer (real time or batch mode), and traffic growth has also been calculated on the final data as suggested by application designers
.All the proposed links have been worked out on the basis of information from telecom operators; however, any change in the network may affect the choice of transmission media for connectivity.
.The proposed design assumes the availability of E1 / DXX / EDGE and ISDN BRI connectivity at suggested locations; however, DVB-RCS satellite base system will perform full meshed network connectivity in the absence of the this facility or mix solution with terrestrial network.
.Normal analogue dialup (V.92) would be utilized as a last option.