Government of Pakistan
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The basic objective of IBMS is to take-up responsibility of maintaining and updating the database prepared by PISCES during the last five years, and to keep it updated as per current and future needs of the Immigration system of Pakistan. The salient objectives of IBMS are as under:
Real time verification of Pakistani travel documents, through integration with Directorate of Immigration and Passport and databases.
• Real time visa issuance information availability at all Entry Points. This will be achieved through online connectivity with Pakistani Foreign Missions.
• Maintaining and keeping the database of more than 30 million records updated based on arrival / departure at twenty one ports of embarkation and disembarkation.
• Establish and extend operational liaison with other stakeholders i.e. Directorate of Immigration and Passport, Provincial Police Departments dealing the foreign nationals, intelligence services and foreign missions aboard.
• Maintain and keep the Watch List (WL) of Government of Pakistan updated on daily basis.
• Establishing a smooth online system for maintenance of the updated WL by all relevant stakeholders, and also arrange to provide (read only) copies of updated WL under the concept of Need-to-Know basis.
• Vital transition from existing PISCES, which is sponsored by US Government (and has now become the functional backbone of Immigration System) to an indigenously developed Immigration System having online links with all stakeholders to ensure updating of required information in real time.
• The existing functionality of PISCES is based on documenting the arrivals / departures of all international passengers with a provision to cross check their particulars with a pre-defined WL. PISCES System does not provide any linkage with the source data of MRPs for online verification.