Government of Pakistan
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In order to computerize the Arrival / Departure record of International Travelers, “Personal Identification Secure Comparison & Evaluation System”, PISCES, was established in 2002 with partial assistance of the US Government. This Project has achieved its defined objectives and the Project is expiring on 30th June 2008. All the targets conceived in Project document have been achieved with in the allocated budget.
PISCES was conceived with the following features:
• Reliable Database of all International Travelers visiting or leaving Pakistan with proof and documentation (i.e. Photograph, Scanned copy of Passport etc) has been established.
• A large number of fake and doubtful travel documents have been traced and it has become difficult to bypass the PISCES Filter using doubtful travel documents.
• A large number of stakeholders i.e. law enforcement agencies, Interpol, foreign missions in Pakistan etc. and many more are reaping the benefits of PISCES.
• PISCES has been appreciated internationally and is considered a vital tool in the fight against terrorism; combating human trafficking, minimizing human smuggling and discouraging the designs of all who want to deceive the Immigration System of Pakistan.
• PISCES has provided a mutually agreed platform for relevant stakeholders to implement the standardized Exit Control List (ECL) System.